The Warehouse


This is part of a longer story that i’ve been stuck on for a while.  I’m hoping some reaction on here will give me a little perspective, because I’ve been in it too long.  Hope you enjoy..  (Let me know either way, will you?)

The warehouse at Trinity and 39thwas huge.  Taking up a full city block, it was a maze of old office furniture, construction material, books, tools and interestingly enough, a full sized functioning Scrambler ride that could have been plucked from any county fair or cherry festival.  Indeed, it was the only thing in the place not covered in a thick layer of dust and cobwebs.

I wasn’t that interested in who was maintaining it, or why it was even there at the moment, I was trying to get my head to stop ringing and clear the blood from my mouth.  A very large man, whose name I hadn’t caught, was winding up to hit me again, and self-preservation was paramount. Sucker punching bastard.

I took a step towards Sucker Punch when I saw his fist start to come forward, and I grabbed his wrist and pulled and used his momentum to get him off balance and throw him into a pile of file cabinets.  I didn’t stop to see if he had been knocked out, he was off of his feet, and for right now that’s all I needed. I had to find Condis. I ran up an isle past the Scrambler, and hung a left at a collection of Christmas Trees that they hang on the light poles at Christmas time. I was trying to get to the office space near the center of the place. Baring any hidden pockets here on the main floor, that’s where they would have taken him.

We had been on a “pop,” and something had gone bad. I, of course was in the car, about a half a block away from the location. Condis can be a freaking shadow when he really needs to be, but we didn’t know about the pressure sensitive floor in Randolph’s hallway, and that had released the knock-out gas (talk about old-school) that did him in. It was sheer luck that I had seen the henchmen (Including Sucker Punch) carrying Condis out to a panel van, and of course, I called it in and followed. The Boss would follow the lo-jack in the car, and help would get there when it got there.

I knew, pulling up to the warehouse, I didn’t have time to wait. The place was too big, and I didn’t want Condis dead yet. Besides, the best time to attack is before the enemy gets settled. I had to go in fast and stealthy, no gun. Times like this, I’m glad I carry a knife.

As I ran up to the building by an open window, I could hear the rattle of a garage door echoing in the huge space. I needed to open my window a little more to get through it, and now was the time. I took a deep breath, clicked into Job Mode and pushed upwards, the squeak of the weathered window frame lost in the noise of the door.  I dove in, and took cover by a palate of boxes that were labeled to be shipped to Truth or Consequences, NM.  I peeked around the corner to get my bearings, and that’s when I got punched.  Consequences, indeed.

I wondered if Sucker Punch had any buddies as I made my way faster than I should have towards the stairs leading to the office in the center of the building, head on full swivel mode, knife in hand.  And just like that, I saw another thug come around the corner, and without thinking, the knife left my hand and planted itself in his neck.  I pulled it out as I went past, moving too quickly for the blood to splash me.

I was in Kobra Kai mode; Strike first, Strike Hard, NO MERCY and I let my momentum carry me up the stairs and through the office door, figuring the longer I waited, the worse my odds were going to get.  I hit the door with enough force to smack it against the back of the head of the idiot who was standing directly on the other side of it, and threw an elbow into the face of the guy standing next to him, breaking his nose.  A quick look showed me three other people in the room, Condis, who apparently was still unconscious, slumped over in a chair, and the two guys standing over him trying to make sure their prey wasn’t going to slump to the floor.

They were a little startled by my entrance, but by the time I took down the guys by the door, they had started to draw guns.  I looked quickly for some cover.

Condis, whose state of unconsciousness was greatly underestimated by everyone in the room apparently, did his moving without moving trick, and rising from the chair, kicked one guy in the face hard enough to knock him out while grabbing the still moving gun arm of the second mook, twisting it behind his back so by the time the guy’s fingers squeezed the trigger, he sent the shot though his own skull.  Yeah, that impressed me.

Have a nice nap?” I said.  “Shut up. I held my breath when I saw the gas, been awake the whole time”, he said.  “Fine, “I replied “let’s go.”

Come to find out, the guy who was doing the prep for the job overlooked the plans for the pressure sensitive floor. And the order form for the knockout gas.  After Condis caught up to him, he was never quite the same, but he never missed anything again.


I am the Hulk.

“That’s my secret, Cap: I’m always angry.” – Bruce Banner

1340159907_Banner Hulk 01

I was recently told that I need to control my temper and stop yelling and it has really made me look at myself and what makes me angry.

Turns out, there’s quite a bit.  It boils down to one simple thing.  I want people to follow rules.

Stop at stop signs. Park in the Employee parking lot. Wear your uniform. Don’t speed or drive too slow (Anyone faster than you is an idiot, anyone slower is a moron.) When you’re walking towards someone, bear right, just like you do when driving.  Prevents the “Crowded Walkway Dance of (No) Joy.” The list goes on.

And a lot of it is stuff I can’t control and i really need to recognize that. For instance, right now?  I can’t think of what else to put in this post and it’s making me angry.  Hell, I haven’t even been able to add anything to my story that I talked about in my first post.

Guess I’ll just tie a knot and hang on.


So I was thinking about starting a blog, I was trying to think of a theme, or a hook that the blog could have. There was a guy who did a Year of Billy Joel, writing (and posting daily) about Billy Joel’s music. And that seemed pretty cool, and I was thinking about doing “A Year Of Batman” re-reading my Batman comic collection and posting an issue a day, and I was going to start on New Years Day, but then The Boy came down with Flu “B” and spent the first 19 days of the year in the hospital. So there went that idea.


Then, I came across this on Twitter.

Jon Winokur@AdviceToWriters

Use your blog to connect. Use it as you. Don’t ˙network” or ˙promote.” Just talk. NEIL GAIMAN

And let’s face it, who am I to argue with the man behind Sandman? (Or American Gods?)

So, I’m going to talk here. I’m going to talk about a lot of things. Some movie, TV, and book opinions, some life events, you know, little of this little of that.

Ok, so let’s dive in, ok?

I’m excited about getting back to work on a story I’m writing that I haven’t worked on in a while but based on “last modified” dates, I’ve been working on for four years.

It’s currently at 18 pages.

And then I read this

So I was wound up and ready to go, and discovered that none of the versions on my laptop were current enough and I had to find the flash drive where the latest iteration was. So I did that, and was all ready to start, then, my father in law took a turn for the worse and passed, so the last three days were consumed by more important things.


Tomorrow’s a new day, though. Join me on the journey?