“Come Again” Book Review

“Come Again,” Editor/Contributor Rachel Kramer Bussel’s new anthology invites you into the world of sex toys. Some that exist already, some that may exist in the future, but all that the characters in this collection find a variety of uses for.

There are standard toys used in the usual ways, and non-standard toys used in creative ways that are both amusing and occasionally unexpected. There is love and fun and humor to be found in these stories, and I had a good time reading them.

My favorites were from Jillian Boyd, Katya Harris, E. Bellamy and Chris Komodo. Not all of the situations worked for me, but that’s the good part about collections like this, there is always another idea just around the corner.

Follow the link to learn more. http://www.comeagainbook.com/

I know I’ll never look at a fingernail brush the same way again….


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