What’s Your Preference?


I’ve been collecting comics for a long time now, and I have quite an extensive collection.  I’m a pack rat who doesn’t like to throw anything away, so for the longest time, I was buying the short and long boxes and stacking them in my closet.

The opportunity arose to acquire some filing cabinets, and I thought “This will be AWESOME!” And it was.  I kept my ongoing series (Batman, Detective, Robin, Nightwing and Ultimate Spider-Man) all neatly sorted in drawers, laying them on their sides (bagged and boarded, of course), and turning every 25th one up as a “mile marker” of sorts, to assist in finding a certain issue.

I kept the longboxes, and as I lost interest in things (Flash, Green Lantern, Superman), or as books got canceled, the runs got tucked away in the boxes and out of the active stuff.

Well, the “New 52″ came along, and I gave it a fair shot. I went 11 months, picking up the same titles.  I wasn’t happy with The Court of Owls” showing up in “Batman,” and I HATED Nightwing’s red costume, wasn’t crazy about Damien as Robin, and the less said about Red Robin the better.  They just weren’t my heroes anymore. I decided to stop collecting comics.DC-Comics-New-52-Batman-Nightwing-3

So, with all the books now “inactive” I thought I would take the time to alphabetize and collate them from start to finish, and I’m running into questions.

Do you put all the “Batman” titles together?  I mean, Batman is a given, but it’s “Batman- Detective Comics” and “Batman- Shadow of the Bat” and “Batman- Gordon’s Law” Do those all go in the “B’s?” or D, S and G, respectfully?  And Spider-Man… “Amazing SM goes in the A’s, right? and Ultimate SM goes in the U’s?  But who wants to go bouncing around, when you can just go to the S’s, and Spider-Man is right there?

What are your thoughts? How is your collection of books (doesn’t have to be comics) organized?

PS: I’m keeping track of the New 52 through the collections that my library has and I’m still not impressed, but Matt Fraction’s “Sex Criminals” has pulled me back into picking up at least one title on a regular basis.  In digital format, which is a subject for a different blog, I think. http%3A%2F%2F24.media.tumblr.com%2Ftumblr_m8mcf4BU1s1qar3qoo1_400 (2)


One thought on “What’s Your Preference?

  1. sj says:

    Sex Criminals is FANTASTIC.

    You should be reading tons of Image titles. Including (but not limited to) Rat Queens, Saga, Revival, Invincible, East of West…

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