I am the Hulk.

“That’s my secret, Cap: I’m always angry.” – Bruce Banner

1340159907_Banner Hulk 01

I was recently told that I need to control my temper and stop yelling and it has really made me look at myself and what makes me angry.

Turns out, there’s quite a bit.  It boils down to one simple thing.  I want people to follow rules.

Stop at stop signs. Park in the Employee parking lot. Wear your uniform. Don’t speed or drive too slow (Anyone faster than you is an idiot, anyone slower is a moron.) When you’re walking towards someone, bear right, just like you do when driving.  Prevents the “Crowded Walkway Dance of (No) Joy.” The list goes on.

And a lot of it is stuff I can’t control and i really need to recognize that. For instance, right now?  I can’t think of what else to put in this post and it’s making me angry.  Hell, I haven’t even been able to add anything to my story that I talked about in my first post.

Guess I’ll just tie a knot and hang on.


One thought on “I am the Hulk.

  1. Don’t know if you saw my tweet or not , so I’ll answer your question here as well, just to cover the bases as it were… I don’t know why your not getting email notices of new posts. I do know this has happened in the past to myself and others. The way I fixed it was to unfollow and refollow a blog. That would be my best answer. I noticed WP seemed to think I wasn’t following you either, so I clicked follow again, so now I should see your posts in the Reader.

    On a different note, things have been rather rocky personally, as will be noted in my next post, so I haven’t been as social as I should be. I apologize for not being more responsive, I’ll try to do better.



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